As compared to previous versions of Windows, Windows 8 Operating system is significantly a different version with new useful features. Below are some of the tips and tricks that can help to get used to it.

1. Shutting down the Metro apps Go to main Metro interface >> Click Desktop tile >> this will shut down app shortly.

2. Accessing old Control Panel – Go to Metro interface >> click Control Panel >> scroll down to the bottom of the screen >> Click More Settings >> this brings us back in the old Control Panel with more options than the Metro control panel.

3. Switching between a mix of Metro and Desktop apps — Move mouse pointer to the far left of screen   >> click the small icon of last app running >> this switches to the last running app.

OR      >>     use the Windows key-tab.

4. Screen capturing — Press the hot key for screen capture >> Go to the Metro desktop >>   click Desktop.

This brings us back to the Metro screen we want to capture and the screen capture program spring into action.

5. Activating options/charms

Mouse mode –

  • Move the mouse to bottom left edge ( where Windows button used to be)
  • Right click to activate in-app options.

Keyboard –

  • Tiles can be selected by using arrow keys and page up/down.
  • Tiles can be launched by using Enter.
  • Tiles can be selected by using “menu” button (key with a drop down).

6. To see a dark themed Start screen – Go to Control Panel >> Ease of Access   >> Enable the “high contrast” mode

7. Activating Semantic Zoom – With multi-touch, zoom out in the app list in “Search”.

8. Revealing app-specific settings – Checking the “settings” charm in applications should be ensured.

9. Finding additional Applications in the Application list – Click on the “Search” charm.

10. Shortcut keys to be used

  • Application search – WIN+Q
  • Settings search – WIN+W
  • Files search – WIN+F
  • “Settings” charm – WIN+I
  • Rotation lock – WIN+O
  • To bring up simple “Start menu” and time/date – WIN+C
  • Activate desktop – WIN+D
  • Open “Run” – WIN+R
  • Lock user – WIN+L
  • Open Explorer – WIN+E