If you are an iPhone user you should already be using iTunes store, which is definitely the biggest Apple apps market in the world. There you can find credible apps for your iPhone, Ipad or Mac computer. One thing before we dig into the apps: iTunes gift cards are the perfect idea for a present for your friend or maybe family member. And there are many ways how to iTunes codes for much lower price or absolutely for free. So lets get start with top apps we found on iTunes app store!



Summer time can be very dangerous – UV can make a harm for our body, so UVLens app helps us to protect us from the too intensive UV level. Sunlight’s ultraviolet radiation (UV) may harm your body skin, and too much of it isn’t good for your health. This app help you to be outside then the UV level is low, and there is no danger to get burn your skin. Also thiss iPhone app can tell you how long can you be outside during different weather conditions and activity of sun.


Currently one of the most popular and booming apps on the market. This app converts your photos to an awesome artwork. Pictures become like hand drawn by the professional artist. You can use additional effects that create stunning results. You can try different styles of different artists – Munk, Picasso and others famous art work specialists.


Third apps is with very unique name – Ololololo. Ever wanted to watch most popular and famous video of the day? This is what Ololololo exactly does. Just choose the category you are interested (comedy, politics, news) and it will show you results by the popularity around the world. Very entertaining app that can take your time.

Instaread Book Summaries

Have no time to read books? There is a shortcut! Instaread is a perfect app for those, who wants to read only summaries of the popular books. Check this app. There are thousands of summaries available for free. Personally I have no to read lot of books (I know it is not good, but that’s life). This app is not free, so you can use iTunes gift card code for getting this app. Summaries are being uploaded every day, so you won’t get bored.

Pokemon Go

Last but not least – most popular application of this summer – Pokemon Go. Without any doubt, this app is phenomenal and unique. It uses Google maps for location of Pokemons. You become the pokemon trainer and your goal is to catch the Pokemons in different city locations. Also, there are many pokestops where you can get balls and other items. Also gyms is the place where you can try your pokemons in the fight.


So these were the top 5 iTunes store apps for your iPhone. All of these are very famous and popular around the world. I want to remind you: use iTunes gift card codes for getting paid apps. Don’t know how to get free itunes cards? The hint for you: use your brain and get it online for free (no surveys).

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