You don’t have android phone but like android applications very much.Then get ready to use the applications or games you want to run on your windows PC by just installing new software like YouWave and BlueStacks that enable you to enjoy the Android world.

YouWave- Android on Windows

YouWave is very popular, easy to use software. It is easy to install and you can download thousands of apps from the YouWave app store online. You can run apps and play games on your system. It supports Android 2.3 Gingerbread and runs on Windows XP/ Vista/ 7.

During game, you can save your game at the current position and to resume the game is also fast. It is also capable of supporting multi-player games. The latest version 2.0.0 is improved in many senses like new dynamic rotation, new volume control buttons but its premium. The trial version is freely available but has a limit of 7 days i.e you can use the version 2.0.0 for free only for 7 days.  The latest free version available is YouWave 1.5.1 that lacks dynamic rotation and many customized features, yet very popular among Android enthusiastic and developers.

To install YouWave you must have Intel Pentium processor of 1.6GHz, RAM of 1GB and minimum 500MB disk space. You can download it from its website and install it by going through simple steps which will create a desktop icon, by clicking on it, you can feel the experience of Android on your Windows.

Run Android Apps on Windows with Blue Stacks

Blue Stacks has gained high popularity even in its alpha stage. It is absolutely free and provides about 26 custom android apps to download from BlueStacks Channel(with 10 preloaded apps in its app tray). But if you want more than 26 apps, then you have to uninstall previous one before installing the newer. If you have a fantastic app or game in your android device, BlueStacks is ready to transfer it from your phone to your system using its cloud connect app.

It supports high quality and works on full screen mode providing different menu options like zoom, rotate etc.

You can run any Android app or game in your windows system through BlueStacks, by simply downloading and installing it on your Windows. It supports Windows Vista and Windows 7. Installing new app other than its app channel is also very easy, you download the apk file of the app from internet and open it with HD-apkHandler.exe of BlueStacks, now your file will be automatically installed and you are free to use.

The only limitation with BlueStacks is that it does not support multi-touch, hope to improve in its later versions.