Android 4.0 has not been established so far and Google has announced its successor. Google is planning to launch a new version of Android OS under the name of Jelly Bean. DigiTimes quoted Taiwan Supply chain makers that users can adopt both Android 5.0 andWindows 8 in the same tablet. Rumors said that Google will unveil it in the second quarter of this year before Microsoft launches the Windows 8 (released in third quarter of 2012).

By launching Android 5.0 Google is expecting to establish firmly in the notebook and netbook market. It is pulling the market towards Android Jelly Bean so that Windows 8 release can’t uproot its position.

Android 5.0 mainly concerned on dual booting, integrating Chrome system functionalities. Dual operating system allows users to easily switch between two OS (most likely Android 5.0 and Windows 8 ) without rebooting the system.