Are you tired constantly changing your android phone?  Imagine a situation when you are in need and the battery of your android phone goes off or any situation. I found android phone notorious in eating battery power as you start using its apps. But here we have got some apps which will enhance the battery life of your android phone like Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Galaxy S II.

Advanced Task Killer Apps:

This will help you to know that which tasks are running in the background and are of no use anymore, this will also help you to shutdown the unnecessary apps running in the background. The difference in the battery life can easily be noticed. It enables you with handy power control-options and provides kill-all weight.

Rating in Android Market: 4.5/5

Screebl Lite:

A cool application that controls your phone’s screen based on orientation, and saves the battery life too. Here extended screen time out depends on the position in which you are holding you android phone. Somewhat saving will be neglected as this app is constantly running in the back side.

Rating in Android Market: 4.5/5

Juice Defender Beta:

It intelligently and transparently saves the most power-draining components by managing the data connections of your Android device, like 3G connectivity and WiFi when your phone is not in use. Be sure to disable while listening to streaming music apps, else it will cut your connection.

Rating in Android Market: 4.5/5

Super Tool Box Pro:

One needs many individual apps for Memory and CPU Manager, Battery Monitor, Installer, Uninstaller, Apps to SD card transfer (Apps2SD), Cache Cleaner, Task Killer, Settings, File Manager, a Safeguard function  etc.  these applications running individually snatches a lot of battery power, but here we have got an app called Super Tool Box for 10 in 1 ‘Swiss Army Knife’ which performs all these function in just one apps and in return save a lot of battery power. Free ad-supported version in Android Market whereas Pro version will cost you $3.99.  Apps to SD pop up feature is quite helpful. But it is quite expensive.

Rating in Android Market: 4.5/5

Battery Stretch:

An interesting app to increase your battery life, it smartly manages the data connection which often uses your battery even when you are not using your phone. This saves your battery till the day ends. The app also has a feature to disable itself when headset is plugged in to allow for music or podcast streaming. But on the contrary it is slow to re-enable mobile data.

Rating in Android Market: 4.5/5

Probably I would have missed some of the apps, so please feel free to comment we will be updating it.